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Office of Student Affairs - National Taipei University of Technology


At our school, we strive to uphold integrity, simplicity, professionalism and diligence. We will implement cleanness, courtesy, order, safety, honesty and service, and also create a friendly campus environment.

Long-term objectives are:

  1. To shape the campus into one of moral character.
  2. To respect the value of life and to create a campus with love and caring.
  3. To construct a campus with health and safety.
  4. To establish a campus with respect for multiculturalism and care for disadvantaged student.
  5. To cultivate the students' independent spirits and develop the students' holistic education, and construct a student-oriented campus.
The OSA team

The Office of Student Affairs comprises four (4) sections, in addition to the dean's office. They are the Life Guidance Section , the Extracurricular Activities Section , the Health Section, and the Student Counseling Center (include Disability Service Center).

Sections and Job Descriptions

Dean's Office

Supervising all responsibilities of student affairs
Section coordination
Meeting minutes and report preparation. 
Campus custodial services
Motorcycle parking lot permit
Praise and penalty system
Statistics of attendance and examining student leaves.
Student loan
Dormitory management
Weekly meeting, commencement and graduation ceremony
Military service
Tuition remitting
Scholarship program
Students association assessment
Counseling clubs
Electing excellent youth and anniversary school carnival
Planning and executing service-learning curriculum
Community service teams
Prevention and management of infectious diseases on campus
Prevention and control of tobacco smoking on campus
Campus emergency, accident, and injury management
Supervision and management of catering hygiene class
Student group insurance business
Conduct campus health promotion program
Campus first aid education and training
Student Grievance Committee affairs
Mentors related affairs
Individual Counseling
Psychological Assessment
Crisis Cases Intervention
Individual Support Plans for special educational needs
Transition for students with disability
Conference and orientations for freshman with disabilities
 Contact Us
  • 1, Sec. 3, Zhongxiao E. Rd., Taipei 10608 Taiwan, R.O.C
  • Tel: Tel: (+886)-(2)-2771-2171#1200
  • Map of OSA