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【Master & PhD dorm】The announcement of the operation of the registration of applying for 2024 summer break & 2024 Fall semester accommodation (113 school year 1st semester) for non-residents

A. The instruction of accommodation period, dorm fee and loan

  AA. 2024 summer break accommodation period: 2024.06.24 3p.m. ~ 2024.08.28 before noon.

               113 school year 1st semester: 2024.08.31~2025.1.11 before noon.

  BB. The dorm fee of summer break, 113 school year 1st semester dorm (plus deposit NT$1000)

     (A) The dorm fee of summer break: (do not provide short stay, calculated depends on full days)

       a. East dorm: NT$80 per day, total NT$5280.

b. Nangang dorm: NT$75 per day, total NT$4950.

       c. Xinbei dorm: NT$65 per day, total NT$4290.

     (B) The dorm fee of 1st semester: (for international students who are not 1st grade)

       a. East dorm: NT$9900

b. Nangang dorm: NT$9000. (Female only)

       c. Xinbei dorm: NT$7850. (Male only)

  CC. Student loan: only Taiwan nationality could apply for the loan.

B. Qualification & information review

  AA. Qualification review

     (A) Summer break accommodation: non-residents who are qualified could apply.

   (B) The accommodation place during summer break:

   Local applicant: who have been approved by the school should stay in the assigned dorm.

   International applicant: who will be arranged in off-campus dorm starting from summer break.

   (Fill in repeatedly will be regarded as disqualified and cancelled without further notice.)

(C) Applicants who are qualified to apply for summer break & 113 school year 1st semester accommodation: students are not with any of the following circumstances in Regulation for Management of Student Dorm Article 3.

**New students are eligible to reside at Taipei Tech Dormitories for the first 2 years. **

  BB. Information review: once completed filling in the information, it cannot be modified, if you register the wrong info will be regarded as disqualified and cancelled without further notice.

C. Applicants & the schedule

  AA. Applicants: according to the qualification review standard.

  BB. Schedule



Online application form open

※after filling in the online form, you still need to complete the dorm application form, the proof of document, finish the dorm fee and submit the receipt


Submit the dorm application form or the proof of document via E-mail


The result of review the application for summer break & 1st semester dorm


Complete the dorm fee & submit the receipt

※anyone who being announced to get the right of the space, you should finish the payment and submit the receipt to the dorm manager via Email before deadline in the announcement.

※Anyone who delay paying the dorm fee slip and delay emailing the receipt will be regarded as giving up the space and canceling the application afterwards.


Accommodation list of summer break announcement


Accommodation list of 1st semester announcement


D. The register methods & the procedure of the apply

 AA. The register methods: please log in google form     (https://forms.gle/Vqgyq4kKcTLzGUSG6) and fill in information, make sure all the information is correct  before submitting.

 BB. The procedure of the apply

   (A) Log in google form and complete filling in: filling in the wrong info will be regarded as disqualified and cancelled.

   (B) After finishing the registration online, please prepare those documents as below, and wait for   reviewing.

     a. Application form with signature.

     b. The supporting Document of Project & Research.

  c. The original relevant certification documents (special status) or the transcript of household registration (Who replace or re-issuance of identification card)

     d. Post or bank account copy (post account is priority, A4 size, no need to clip, for returning the deposit)

    **If you write both post or bank account, the refunding account will depend on the paper and post account you provided. **

   (C) The methods of submitting those documents: scan into PDF (it should be neatly and legibility) and submit to the dorm manager via E-mail, please wait for the review.

    **If you are too far away to have the signature of your Academic Advisor, please provide the email of your professor’s approval (it is acceptable without the signature of your professor & department office in this way) of your application for the summer break. **

(D) Waiting for qualification & information review.

(E) The result of review the application for summer break & 1st semester dorm

(F) Complete the dorm fee before deadline in the announcement.

(G) Submit the receipt before deadline in the announcement: in order to verification, please email the    receipt or the screenshot of transaction details successfully (write-off number should be on it) to the  dorm manager’s email address (scorpio_nov@ntut.edu.tw) to confirm.

           Only  when the dorm manager reply can ensure your right to accommodation.

E. Notice

 AA. The arrangement of dorm space, school reserves the right of final decision. The dorm beds are limited, if finish paying the slip, we are not consent any reasons to apply refund except Article 7 of the Student Dormitory Regulations.

**The summer break dorm fee is non-refundable, no matter you stay the full period or not. **

BB. The accommodation list will be announced on OSA website according to the schedule, please bring the receipt and identity to check in after the dorm opens.

CC. If there is any resident has confirmed to COVID-19 or suspected cases during your stay, we are going to handle the situation in accordance with the epidemic prevention measures of the Epidemic Prevention Command Center.

DD. For safety concern, only resident can enter the dorm.

EE. If there is any further information, please be aware of the OSA website. OSA website: https://osa.ntut.edu.tw/p/403-1041-615.php?Lang=en

FF. After check-in, if you have any question, please feel free to contact as below,

Nangang dorm: please first contact dorm administrator

Xinbei dorm: please first contact dorm administrator

Master & PhD dorm manager: scorpio_nov@ntut.edu.tw or ext.1206. Sophia Hsieh

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