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【Master & PHD dorm】2024 Spring Intake the result of accommodation application and the instruction of the dorm fee

A. The application accommodation and the arrangement list of 2024 spring intake, attachment 1 & attachment 2.

  AA. Accommodation period for spring intake students is 2024.02.17~2024.06.22 before noon.

  BB. Accommodation during summer break is in off-campus dorm (after noon on 2024.06.22~)

B. East dorm fee of 2nd semester NT$9900 (plus deposit NT$1000)

C. Submitting application form, account book copy and the receipt

  AA. Submitting Date: 2024.02.16~2024.02.26

  BB. Instruction:

    (A) download, fill in the application form (attachment 3), confirm post office account(priority), and signature.

    (B) please prepare those documents as below,

      a. application form with signature.

      b. Alien Resident Certificate front/ back side.

      c. post office account (priority)or bank account copy (A4 size, no need to clip, for returning the deposit)

      d. the receipt of the dorm fee.

    ※If write both post office account and the bank account, it’s going to take the front side of post office account or the front side picture provided as the refunding deposit account.

    ※The dorm fee should be finished paying before deadline after the announcement, delay paying the fee will be regarded as giving up the space and canceling the application afterwards.

 (C) the procedure to email those documents as above

         scan to PDF file (clear and legible) and e-mail to manager: scorpio_nov@ntut.edu.tw, complete the application by receiving the reply from the manager. (If didn’t receive the reply, please call during working hours)

     According to the Regulation for Management of Student Dormitory Article 6, students should complete the procedures of application.

    (D) the deadline of e-mailing the documents: before Feb. 26th (standard time is based on emailing time)

    ※If delay sending relevant documents as above, will be regarded as disqualified and be cancelled.

D. the instruction of paying the dorm fee & submitting the receipt

  AA. the time of paying the dorm fee & submitting the receipt: 2024.02.16~2024.02.26

      anyone who being announced to get the right of the space, delay paying the fee and delay emailing the receipt to the dorm manager will be regarded as giving up the space and canceling the application afterwards.

 BB. the steps to pay the dorm fee

    a. log in Bill Inquire in Taiwan Bank website (https://school.bot.com.tw/newTwbank/StudentLogin.aspx)

    b. type in personal status according to fields

        aa. Collection category: please key in 191742

        bb.身分證字號及學號:ARC no. & Student ID no.

        cc.識別碼:7 digits of date of birth in Chinese calendar, please follow these steps as below, ex. birthday19991205à0881205

          Step 1: Calculate your birth year in the year of the Republic of China

                XXXX (AD Year)–1911 = XX (Year of the Republic of China)

          Step 2: Put a “0” in front of XX along with the 4 digits of your birthday XXXX

          Step 3: This should be the result of your Date of birth (in the year of the Republic of China)

     c. prints the dorm slip and finish paying the payment.







  (A) The arrangement of dorm space, school reserves the right of final decision.

  (B) The dorm beds are limited, if finish paying the slip, we are not consent any reasons to apply refund except Article 7 of the Student Dormitory Regulations

(C) The accommodation list will be announced on OSA website

(D) For safety concern, only resident can enter the dorm.

(E) If there is any further information, please be aware of the OSA website, you could email to scorpio_nov@ntut.edu.tw, or contact ext.1206.

(F) After you check-in, if you have any question, please feel free to contact as below,

East dorm: please first contact each region leader, whose information you could ask dorm administrator.

Nangang dorm: please first contact dorm administrator

Xinbei dorm: please first contact dorm administrator

Master & PHD dorm manager: email to scorpio_nov@ntut.edu.tw, or contact ext.1206

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