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[Master & PHD dorm]Apply for Master & PHD DORM Accommodation Certificate

Apply for Master & PHD DORM Accommodation Certificate

This form is for Master & PHD international student to apply for those who meet the requirement, please link the URL or scan QR code. Please be aware of the Notices.


1. Here are two methods for you to choose how you would like to receive your certificate.

  (1) hand in by face to face at the Office of Student Affairs (OSA).

  (2) receive via email.

2. The workflow of certificate application generally takes about 3 working days to complete, if the work goes smooth, it will be replied in advance. (Choose one option, double selection is disqualified, and it will be cancelled without notification)

3. After the work is completed, you will receive

   (1) choose to receive at OSA: you will receive a notification email with deadline, please bring your Student ID card to the OSA to receive.

   (2) choose to receive via email: you will receive the certificate PDF file to your email address.

4.Delay coming to the office to receive the certificate, you must apply again. If it affects your Alien Residence Certificate permit application, you must be responsible for the consequences.

5. Any wrong information will increase working time.

Link URL: https://forms.gle/tR413j9w8385rMf59


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