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Health Section

Health Section

Position Name Job Description E-mail & Tel. Extension

Chief Officer

Lu,Chih-Cheng Supervising all responsibilities of Health Section.

Tel. ext: 1261

Registered Nurse

Huang, Pin-Huì
  1. Prevention and management of infectious diseases on campus.
  2. Prevention and control of tobacco smoking on campus.
  3. The administrative business of School Health Committee meeting.
  4. Health education promotion.

Tel. ext: 1266

Registered Nurse

Juang, Mei-Fen
  1. The health and safety inspection business of students and workers.
  2. Health education.
  3. Campus emergency, accident, and injury management.
  4. Budget management for purchasing equipment.

Tel. ext: 1265

Registered Nurse

Liao, Shu-Hui
  1. Supervision and management of catering hygiene class.
  2. Student group insurance business.
  3. Property registration and management.
  4. Computer webpage management.

Tel. ext: 1267

Registered Nurse

  1. The health checking business planning management.
  2. Conduct campus health promotion program.
  3. Campus first aid education and training.
  4. Health protection volunteers training.

Tel. ext: 1263

Technical Worker

Shih, Yun-Hsuan
  1. Document transmission, registration and delivery.
  2. Office interior and exterior cleaning.
  3. Assist in surgical wound care.

Tel. ext: 1260